Fragrancing Service

Research shows that our mood is enhanced after being exposed to pleasant scents.

A lingering waft of scent can transport us to another time and place.

Come home to a beautiful, fresh and clean home when you add a fragrancing service to your next clean.



Reed Diffusers & Candles

Made in Australia


What's Included

Pricing $99

Reed Diffuser
RRP 39.00

A Hart Co reed diffuser is placed at the entrance of your home so you can enjoy a beautiful fragrance from the moment you enter.

Scented Candle
RRP 39.00

A 400-gram double wick Hart Co candle is placed in the main living area. Unwind and relax with up to 80 hours of burn time.

Carpets Deoderised

Carpets are deodorised and scented with citrus spray for an uplifting, clean and fresh feel to carpeted rooms.

Fabric & Linen

Bed linen, fabric sofas, curtains and upholstery are disinfected and sprayed with a refreshing scent.

Room Spray

All rooms in your home are sprayed with a beautifully delicate room spray.

Toilet Fresheners

Cistern toilet deodorisers are used allowing a long-lasting freshness and cleanliness whilst neutralising any odour.