PURE CLEANING GROUP organizes every space in the home, from bedrooms and kitchens, to closets and pantries. Every project receives great attention to detail and carefully considered organising systems in order to maintain your space(s).

Schedule a consult by calling our office to receive an estimate for your space(s) for time and storage products. 

Our Prices 

71.50/ hr incl GST

About me:

Professional Organiser & founder of Pure Cleaning Group, Ann Edwards comes from a military background. Serving four years in the Australian Defence Force where she met her husband Mitchell (owner).


"My experience in the military has shaped my outlook on organising spaces to make them work effectively for my clients, I love what I do and I am so happy that I get to help transform peoples homes so they remember why they love the space(s) again!"

Whether your NDIS plan is self-managed or plan managed we can help you create a safe, clutter-free and functional home as well as provide the support to develop routines, systems and habits that will enhance your everyday life.

Contact us below and we’ll give you a call to discuss how we can support your goals.


As well as decluttering and organising, I provide support to develop routines, systems and habits that will enhance your everyday life in line with your goals.


Hardworking, hands-on assistance. I provide services for clients with both physical and psycho/ social disabilities to the NDIS.


When you book with us you receive the full service. From decluttering and minimising your items to implementing storage systems & dropping off donations. Even personal shopping to purchase your storage products, we do it all. 


I will often help people declutter personal spaces like bedrooms, financial paperwork and personal items. Your privacy is important to me and will be respected with the utmost care.



Decluttering and Home Organisation.
I am extremely happy and thrilled with the way Ann has completely transformed all areas of my much-needed cluttered and disorganised home.
Ann was very meticulous and outstanding with organising all aspects of my home in just a few days, and I couldn't be more happier and pleased with the results! Every room and area is much more functional now, leaving me feeling not overwhelmed and stressed by it anymore.
Ann has implemented complete storage systems, from my children's rooms right through to sorting paperwork! Most importantly, Ann also showed me the method to decluttering and organising, with how to utilise and become more efficient with my time management. I highly recommend this service from Pure Cleaning Group as it has made an enormous difference, with both saving time and feeling great! Thank you Ann! 

Liz Mason

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